We Open: April 1st - End of October (subject to weather conditions), Friday and Saturday 9am - 5.30pm, Sun 10am - 4pm, Mon to Thurs - viewing by appointment.

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About Us

Perennial Specialist – The Nursery

The Story So Far

After leaving school I started worked as a trainee nurseryman at a traditional growing nursery (Hyrons Nursery, Amersham, Bucks). I successfully completed a 3 year day release course but the nursery was always where I was happiest and learnt so much. Sadly the nursery succumbed to the developers many years ago but I still meet people who say they miss the nursery because it propagated the vast majority of the plants and therefore knew about them. It was during this time the seeds were sown of one day starting my own nursery.

My next stop was a larger nursery, still growing and propagating, but not such a broad range of plants. I was mainly involved with Fuschias, Geraniums, Dahlias etc. I gained valuable experience during this time and it was another step towards my own nursery, Home Farm Plants, Bovingdon.

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Elatum Delphiniums

We are passionate about Delphiniums and have built up a specialist Elatum Delphinium section. These are very tough hardy perennials and can withstand very cold winter temperatures. See our Delphinium Gallery page for more information. We do not currently provide a mail order service.


We grow a wide range of perennials on the nursery, using the traditional methods of propagation eg. seed, division or cuttings. They are all grown under natural conditions (not forced) so to make a natural transition to your garden. We are constantly changing our range of perennials so please feel free to contact us to see what is currently available.

Home Farm was built in 1888 so the cottage garden theme of perennials seems a natural progression for the nursery.

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P.Y.O. Cut Flowers

During the spring/summer and autumn months you can wander through our cut flower area and choose your own blooms such as Daffodils, Tulips, Aster, Larkspur, Gladioli, Dahlia, to name a few.

You can pick your own shape, colour, size and variety of bloom you are looking for and we will cut them for you while you wait. (You can’t get any fresher than that!) So whether you are flower arranging, need a gift, or just cheering yourself up, come along and see what we have. Check for availability due to weather conditions.

Support British home grown cut flowers!
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Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket imageWe sell a range of hanging baskets, which are available from the end of May/early June to provide your garden with added colour.

We will also make up any old baskets/containers you may have. The baskets/containers will be made up, grown on, and once all risk of frost has gone, usually end of May early June we will make contact to arrange collection.